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Friday, December 7, 2007

Volker Arnold

Guten Tag! I hope you paid attention in German class, because we're going on a little trip! One of my favorite scroll saw artists is Volker Arnold. I've seen several of his patterns in Scroll Saw Woodworks & Crafts. They are amazing designs and I can't wait to try my hand at one. I'm especially excited to try his lichterbogens (lighted shadowboxes).

One of the many things he is known for, is his Christmas ornaments. They are really beautiful with a quaint, old world charm. You can find several of his ornaments in some back issues of Scroll Saw Woodworks & Crafts. But if you don't have those issues, he offers a free scroll saw pattern on his website. Currently it is a Christmas ornament. I've been watching his site for awhile now, and it looks like he changes the free pattern quite a bit. So keep coming back for new free patterns.

Now I'll warn you, his website is all in German. Which makes sense, since he lives in Germany. But don't worry. We'll get through this. You'll see three panes on the main page. There is a menu along the left screen, a header and menu across the top, and finally the main window. If you scroll down the main window, you'll see a British/American flag near the bottom right. If you click that, you'll have the English version of his website. The whole website isn't translated, however. But using what is translated in conjunction with the Babel Fish web translator, you'll be able to navigate his website with ease.

So enjoy what Germany has to offer. Sit back, have some of their famous beer and take some time and look through his patterns. They are quite remarkable. Auf Wiedersehen, mein Freund.

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Kyle Sheffer said...

I am working with Volker Arnold to sell his patterns here in the USA.
I sell his books on CD in pdf files. Check out our website for pricing on his CDs.
Happy scrolling.
Kyle Sheffer.