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Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Different Varieties of Scroll Saw Blades Used for Intricate Cuts

by Muna wa Wanjiru

A scroll saw is used to generally cut intricate cuts. To help the scroll saw perform these types of cuts you will find the need to have a variety of scroll saw blades. These blades which are available from hardware stores are designed for many different purposes. For this reason you should either have a large variety of scroll saw blades or depending on your crafting abilities a few specialized blades.

There are about six different major varieties of scroll saw blades that are available. These blades are generally about five inches long. A brief look at the different scroll saw blades will let you see how these blades are different in nature. The first one we will look at is that of the Skip tooth blade.

The skip tooth blade is named due to the saw teeth being positioned with a gap distance between each tooth. The next type of scroll saw blade to be looked at is the Crown or two way saw teeth. In this blade type the teeth of the blade are facing both upwards and downwards.

This double direction facing teeth on these scroll saw blades allows you to make cuts in the material. You will have the option of cutting in a downward stroke. You could also cut using an upward stroke. This is very handy as there may be times you will need to cut the wood in either direction.

Another of the scroll saw blades is that of the Double Skip tooth. In this the teeth of the blade is fashioned in a manner that is similar to that of Skip Tooth blade. You will find however that the gap is located after two saw teeth have been found. In other words the arrangement of the teeth for this blade is two teeth, a gap and then another set of two teeth.

You can use the Metal cutting scroll saw blades for the purpose any cutting any type of metal. Here the blade is made from hardened metal. Now if you are cutting any other substance such as glass with a scroll saw it is best if you use a Diamond blade. This particular blade has a diamond coated wire blade. This is truly the blade to use when you need to cut through glass.

The final major scroll saw blade that we shall look at is that of the Spiral blade. This blade is formed in an unusual way. This blade is a flat blade that has been twisted so that the teeth of the blade are facing in every direction. This makes using this type of blade perfect for the tasks where you need cutting ability in just about any direction.

You will find all of these saw blade useful. While these are a brief look at the major scroll saw blades you will find that there are many other blades to use. See what the various saw blades are like. You might find a few more useful ones.

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