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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Scrollsaw Workshop

I'm a visual learner. It's much easier for me to grasp a concept if I can see it demonstrated. And when I first started scrolling, I was looking for videos on how to use the scroll saw. That's when I came across Steve Good's Scrollsaw Workshop. He had several scroll saw videos on YouTube which lead me to his blog. When I went to his website, I discovered a gold mine of free scroll saw patterns! Steve's ability to crank out patterns is quite remarkable. He posts almost every day with a new pattern to share with his readers. Instead of the typical fretwork portraits you see available elsewhere on the Internet, he provides patterns for decorative objects. Items such as desk plaques, goblets, candle holders, and clocks.

Scrollsaw Workshop is by far my favorite website! It is well worth your time browsing through his archives. I guarantee you'll find a pattern you MUST have.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Free Wood Puzzles

Looking for a simple puzzle for the little one in the family? is a great source for puzzles for young children. You won't find intricate puzzles like those of Tony Burns or Judy Peterson. But they do offer kids a lot of fun with their very own personal jigsaw puzzle. Best of all, they cut quickly. You should be able to knock out a bunch of puzzles in an afternoon for your next craft fair.

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Flying Dutchman

When I first started scrolling, I knew right away that I needed to find better blades. I was using the Craftsman blades from Sears and my results were awful. Up to this point, I was lurking in the forums and heard of a few different manufacturers of quality blades. The one that caught my eye was a German company called Flying Dutchman. It seemed that people who use these blades usually buy from Mike Moorlach of Mike's Workshop. Being new at this, I emailed Mike and asked for some advice on the type of blades a newbie should start with. He replied almost immediately and gave me some great advice on choosing blades.

He sells an assortment pack of 5 dozen of his most popular Flying Dutchman blades so you can try several different styles. That's what I chose to do. And, while talking to Mike, I showed interest in the puzzle and spiral blades. Much to my surprise, he threw in a couple of samples of those blades, too! How cool is that? And best of all was the speed of delivery. I bought my blades on Friday, and by Monday afternoon, I had my scroll saw blades waiting for me in my mail box! You just don't see that kind of service anymore.

You can find more information about Flying Dutchman scroll saw blades on his website; Mike is so confident that people will really enjoy using the Flying Dutchman blades, he'll give you a sample of 2 blades of your choice for free! Try before you buy! You can't beat that! Just shoot him an email and request a sample!

New Poll

I've added a poll to the top of the blog. "How many projects do you have going at one time?" I'll keep the poll up enough for me to be satisfied. Since this is a new blog and will take awhile for it to be discovered, this poll may end up running for 60 days or so. When the polls end, I'll post the end results here and put up another poll. It would be fun to see what our dear readers think about certain topics. Until then, be sure to vote!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dragon Fly

One of my favorite blogs about scroll sawing is done by a gentleman from Tulip Tree Crafts. He posts regularly about the behind the scenes operations of his scrolling business in his blog Scroll Saw Blog. Its a lot of fun to read.
One of his items that he sells is a Dragon Fly. It can be made into a magnet or an ornament for a pot. It really turned out neat and it sounds like it's doing well at the fairs. He made the pattern available to anybody who wants it. You can read about the Dragon Fly here. He also posted a PDF of the pattern along with instructions on how to put it together here. I recommend you take a look. It might be a great addition to your inventory. Or just a project for that rainy/snowy day.

A Quick Introduction

I just want to introduce myself before really plunging into the content of this blog. My name is Travis. I live in Billings, MT with my wife Nicole and son Gavin. I've only been scrolling for a few months. I've been interested in woodworking and have been trying to build up my shop. I came across a copy of Scrollsaw Woodworking and Crafts that had plans for a cryptex similar to the one in the movie Da Vinci Code. I thought it was really cool and bought the magazine. As I flipped through the magazine and seeing the cool projects that can be accomplished with just a scroll saw, I decided I needed a scroll saw for myself. My birthday was coming up, and I asked for Sears Gift cards. My research said that the 16" Craftsman Scroll Saw from Sears is a pretty good saw for how inexpensive it is. Well, that was good enough for me.
When I brought home my new saw, I cut my my son's name out of some poplar I had laying around. I must admit, it looked pretty bad. I also tried my had at a puzzle. That didn't turn out well, either. I ended up buying some quality blades from Mike's Workshop. He had an assortment pack so I could try several different kind. I must say, buying quality blades makes all the difference in the world! I also bought some baltic birch plywood from Sloans Woodshop after using the garbage that Home Depot sells. The end product is so much better with quality wood.
I really enjoy scroll sawing because the projects usually go pretty quick. I have a very short attention span and getting to the end product quickly really gives you motivation to dive into the next project. I also like scrolling because the lumber is cheap. I can finish a project for a few bucks each. And lastly, the tools needed are pretty minimal. A scroll saw and a drill and perhaps a palm sander and you are set! I really enjoy it. I bet you can get a good setup for under $200!
Now, on to the blog!

Friday, October 19, 2007

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Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

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Mission Statement

I created this blog to post all of the scroll saw goodies I find on the internet. There are so many great resources out there at our disposal. So many creative new ideas, cool tools, and great techniques that will better our projects. And lets not forget the free stuff! Free scroll saw patterns, free software, scroll saw tutorials and so much more! I'll be posting reviews, tips, tutorials, and links to great scroll saw patterns. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this great world of scrolling!