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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Quick Introduction

I just want to introduce myself before really plunging into the content of this blog. My name is Travis. I live in Billings, MT with my wife Nicole and son Gavin. I've only been scrolling for a few months. I've been interested in woodworking and have been trying to build up my shop. I came across a copy of Scrollsaw Woodworking and Crafts that had plans for a cryptex similar to the one in the movie Da Vinci Code. I thought it was really cool and bought the magazine. As I flipped through the magazine and seeing the cool projects that can be accomplished with just a scroll saw, I decided I needed a scroll saw for myself. My birthday was coming up, and I asked for Sears Gift cards. My research said that the 16" Craftsman Scroll Saw from Sears is a pretty good saw for how inexpensive it is. Well, that was good enough for me.
When I brought home my new saw, I cut my my son's name out of some poplar I had laying around. I must admit, it looked pretty bad. I also tried my had at a puzzle. That didn't turn out well, either. I ended up buying some quality blades from Mike's Workshop. He had an assortment pack so I could try several different kind. I must say, buying quality blades makes all the difference in the world! I also bought some baltic birch plywood from Sloans Woodshop after using the garbage that Home Depot sells. The end product is so much better with quality wood.
I really enjoy scroll sawing because the projects usually go pretty quick. I have a very short attention span and getting to the end product quickly really gives you motivation to dive into the next project. I also like scrolling because the lumber is cheap. I can finish a project for a few bucks each. And lastly, the tools needed are pretty minimal. A scroll saw and a drill and perhaps a palm sander and you are set! I really enjoy it. I bet you can get a good setup for under $200!
Now, on to the blog!

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