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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Dave Danchuk

Its really nice to see an artist take a medium in a direction you normally don't see. Dave Danchuk of Amazed Creations creates truly unique 'paintings.' Dave is a segmentation artist from Coquitlam, BC. He first lays out his drawings on MDF. Then he uses his Dewalt scroll saw to cut out each individual piece, paints them, then glues them all together again to form a pretty crazy picture. Each 'painting' is full of color and energy. It's not hard to see why his work is sought after.

His website showcases his work and talks a little about himself as an artist. He also sells merchandise based on his 'paintings.' One really neat thing he does with his website is offers progression pictures where he shows you each step as he creates a unique piece of art. Take a look through his gallery and his progression pictures. Perhaps it will inspire you to get a little crazy, too.


Dave Danchuk said...

Hey Travis, thanks for the article, I appreciate it!

Only one change though, I use a Dewalt, and absolutely love it.


Dave Danchuk

Travis said...

Thanks for the correction, Dave. I've had my eye on the Dewalt for awhile. I hear a lot of people really love it. Maybe someday soon I'll upgrade.