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Monday, December 10, 2007

Train Name

Awhile back, I wrote about Shop of Arpop and the patterns he has to offer. Here's another one of his pattern sets. He offers a train alphabet. This would be great for a little boy's room. Each letter and number is presented in a JPG format so you can easily scale them to the size you need. Check it out.

One note about Shop of Arpop. It looks like he moved his free scroll saw patterns to a ProBoards forum. To access these, you need to become a member. Signup is free, but it looks as if he must activate your account before you are allowed to look through his patterns and participate in the discussions. My approval was pretty quick. His new page is located here. At the time of this writing, the train alphabet is located here. But he may move those over to the forum in the future.


Travis said...

It looks as if this website is no longer available. Its a shame, too. This is a wonderful design. If anybody knows if this site has been moved, please let me know

Sylvia Sawdust said...

I designed a font June 2007, make some changes and call it yours CLASSIC
aka Jr. Ranger

Travis said...

Looks like Arpop moved the alphabet to the address below.