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Monday, November 26, 2007

Absolutely Free Scroll Saw Patterns

In my last post, I mentioned Absolutely Free Scroll Saw Patterns. AFSSP is an online community with over 3200 members. Here, you can get advice from other members and exchange ideas and patterns. One really neat thing they do is have a monthly design competition. They choose a subject and members submit their designs. The winners receive a hardy pat on the back and a few bragging rites. But the true reward is seeing how different artists interpret the monthly theme.

But a community wouldn't be a community without discussion. And AFSSP has plenty of that. The website is broken into several different sections. The General area is for general discussion about scroll sawing. You'll often see people displaying their new cuttings, asking for advice, or sharing the latest happening at the recent craft show. Toolish Thoughts is a great place to get some advice and reviews for that next tool for your shop. Ever think about selling your work, but don't know where to start? They'll help you in the Business Side. Seasoned veterans of craft fairs, online sellers, and casual sellers offer their advice in this neat little section.

Sure, that's all well and good. But what about free patterns? Well, my friend, you hit the mother load. They have nearly 4,000 patterns developed by scrollers for scrollers. The most recent patterns are posted in Hot Off The Press with the older patterns categorized in the Archives. You can also request a custom pattern in the Request Pattern section. Thousands of patterns, right at your fingertips. There isn't enough time in the day...errr...week...errr...year to cut all of these patterns. So, what more can you ask?

AFSSP does require a membership to access all of their goodies. But the membership is free and easy to get! So what is there to lose? Join now and become apart of a really great community.

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