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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Whitewolf Pattern and Tutorial Update

I must say, Darryn's (aka Whitewolf) pattern collection and Photoshop tutorial is quite popular! In an effort to save Darryn bandwidth and hosting fees, we decided to move his collection over to the Scroll Saw Goodies server. During the file move, I have made the following changes:

  • I fixed the tutorial ZIP file, so it should work properly for all users.
  • I removed the RAR version of the tutorial, as RAR is an obscure compression format which the majority of users do not have access to.
  • The pattern ZIP file has been renamed to make organization a bit easier.
  • I have also updated the original blog entry to reflect these changes.

Hopefully these measures will keep Darryn's great pattern collection available to everybody for a long time to come.

Incidentally, if you have patterns, tutorials, or files you wish to make available to the scroll saw community, please contact me. I'd be happy to host the files for you, saving you bandwidth, time, and most importantly, money!

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