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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Steven Gu's Papercuttings

We've looked at a couple of scherenschnitte galleries in the last couple of posts. Karin's work has a folk art feel that's obviously inspired by folk and fairy tales. Cindy's work tends to have a graphic art/illustration feel to it. Now lets take a look at artist Steven Gu.

Steven was born in Shanghai, China, but now resides on Vancouver Island. Much of his work has an Asian influence. But he also pays homage to the Victorian and Pennsylvania Dutch style in several of his pieces. His designs are very intricately detailed and rather delicate. This attention to detail reminds me of the work of scroll saw artist/designer Jeff Zaffino. Check out Steven's gallery. You'll be quite amazed at his craftsmanship and the beauty of his designs.


Anonymous said...

Hi Travis . Your right about Steven Gu's work . I live on Saltspring Islands B.C. When I'm waiting to catch a ferry home from Victoria I stop and admire his work .In the summer he and his wife have a kiosk at the terminal . He is either cutting out something or speaking to customers . The fine details he displays amazes me. I have done a little scherenschnitte but not to his degree.I'm afraid I don't have his patience .
Steve Good directed me to your site . It is very interesting . You sure put in a lot of time. Keep up the excellent work .Cheers . Roger

Travis said...

I would love to see Steven's work in person. His online gallery alone has me in awe. If you are a scroller, check out Jeff Zaffino's work. His patterns are meant to be sawn, but has the same attention to detail that Steven has. Someday I'd like to try one of his patters, but I'm no where near that skill level yet.

Anonymous said...


Does Steven have a new website? The link to the amazingislandart site does not work. Is there somewhere I can purchase his work online?

Thanks :-)