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Friday, March 28, 2008

Lath Art Kits and Patterns

If you have read through the blog entries on the sites I recommended over the last few days, you'll often hear mention of lath art kits.

I was able to find 3 vendors of lath art kits. Each site seems to carry the same patterns, however their prices differ slightly. I'm not sure if all 3 websites are owned by the same company, or if they are merely resellers. Either way, they have quiet a few kits to choose from. The kits include precut lath sheets, paints, a paint brush, and detailed instructions. This approach reminds me of those paint-by-numbers kits. Which isn't bad if you're in a hurry or need an introduction to lath art. Looking at the galleries on the website, it looks like the finished products are stunning. Each kit usually run between $50-100.

If buying a kit isn't your thing, and you don't want to design your own, take a look at intarsia or stained glass patterns. You'll probably have to simplify the pattern a bit to make it work for lath art, but that shouldn't pose too much of a problem. Paned Expressions Studios has several free stained glass patterns that would work well for lath art. I especially like Summer Solstice, Covered Bridge, and Lighthouse.

Lath Art Kit Vendors:

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