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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lath Art Progression Pictures

I learn best by example and demonstration. That's why I love progression pictures and tutorials so much. So I was pretty excited when I saw Christopher Hildebrand's set of progression pictures as he puts together a lath art painting of a horse grazing. He makes a few comments about each photo. The photos are high resolution, which makes it easy to see the details and is really quiet helpful in understanding how a lath art painting is put together.

Chris also has another set of progression pictures in his personal gallery as he puts together a golf course scene. Many of these pictures also have comments This 9 picture set breaks down each step a little bit more, which I find especially helpful.

So if lath art painting is in your future, be sure to check out Chris' two sets of progression pictures (set 1, set 2). I bet you'll learn a lot just by watching him work!


Chris said...

Hey Travis, Thanks for posting my stuff. I'm actually planning to post some more detailed progressional work in the future, as I expand on my interest in lathart. The world of lathart is wide open, and pictures just can't justify what lathart looks like in reality. Again, thanks for the exposure, and feel free to drop me any questions at


Travis said...

Thank you for posting your work. I look forward to more posts. I really enjoy the progression photos. I think I'm going to try my had at it here pretty soon. My walls look a little bare. I think Lath Art is just what I need. Keep up the good work!