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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Color & Shapes Puzzle

Here's a fun project that would make a perfect gift for the little ones in your life. This Color and Shapes puzzle was designed by relfEZ of Tangible Art Projects. The pattern is provided in JPG format for easy scaling. This quick project can be easily cut from plywood or MDF. Paint the shapes with craft paint, a quick clear coat of acrylic spray and you're set! Check it out. And while you're there, check out his other projects. He has a lot of unique scroll saw patterns freely available for download. Very cool.


Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...

fEZ Done a real nice job on it also.

Seen it on his Blog!


Travis said...

Yah. Really neat project. His turned out nice. I think I'm going to give it a try this weekend. My son will get a kick out of it. I think I'll use MDF and paint it all.

Handi said...

Travis: I just Branched my one blog off to my Workshop Blog, come check it out and follow it if you like.

I'm getting ready to do a Video on my Polar Bear Project, Probably monday most Likely. Was going to do it tomorrow, but unfortunatly going to have company, and I don't have a woodburner for my Shop or heat of anykind.

So I got to do my Scroll Sawing on my Living Room Table lol, I done another Podcast the other day on my Sled Blades for my Christmas ornaments. Hope you check it out.


Handi said...

Travis: I also been wanting to ask you how you Managed the content on your Blog here?

Do you have a Blog overlay or something? How is it done?

Just courious, I'm looking to expand the content and all on my Blog, i like the content on the left and the right side as you have it.