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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Judy Gale Roberts Intarsia

You can't really mention intarsia without thinking of Judy Gale Roberts. She has been on the forefront of intarsia since the 70's and has written numerous books and articles about the subject. Her website has a lot of great stuff, that it's hard to pick just one to talk about in this article. So I'm gunna jump right in and highlight a few.

First, she has a couple of free intarsia patterns. We all like free stuff, right? She offers a whale pattern which is quite nice. But I really like her Santa Teddy bear. Christmas seems so far off, but this Teddy bear is such a great pattern, it's hard to pass up. So definitely take a look.

Second, check out her newsletter/catalog Intarsia Times. She has several great articles in each issue, along with the patterns available she has available for sale. Intarsia Times is distributed in PDF format with a hefty download weighing in at 15.8 Megs! But don't worry, you can request the catalog be sent to your home if you can't handle the bandwidth. You can also find back issues of Intarsia Times here.

If you are looking to learn intarsia from the masters, check out their classes. 3 full days of intarsia goodness, complete with Jerry's famous BBQ. You'll walk away with a full belly and some mad intarsia skills. But sign up soon, because their classes are filling up quickly.

So, take a look around Judy's website. There's plenty of stuff to look at. Check out their patterns too. They do some amazing work! If nothing else, it'll provide the inspiration for your next project.

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